We spent some time with the beautiful community of children and guardians of MYCEPA in Zambia's Chisamba area.
MYCEPA is a cerebral palsy center situated about 50km from Lusaka along the Great North Road in Chisamba. The center provides care to cerebral palsy children and guidance to parents and guardians on how to take care of their children.
Thanks to the MYCEPA chairperson, Mrs Esther Mundia and Mr Themba Muimo for the invitation and great work you are doing in Chisamba. #embracinginclusivecommunities


Nate Foundation is delighted to announce a new partnership agreement with Munu Ka Yumbwa Cerebral Palsy Association (MYCEPA) to implement the Empower the Mother Save the Child (EMSC) Project with support from the US Embassy. This collaboration marks the beginning of a meaningful journey towards fostering a more inclusive and accessible environment for individuals with neuro developmental disorders.
The partnership aims to combine the strengths and resources of both organizations, leveraging our collective expertise to create impactful initiatives that enhance the lives of those we serve. By doing this, we aim to amplify our efforts and broaden our reach in Chisamba and part of Chibombo area of the Central Province of Zambia. Through joint efforts, we aspire to break down barriers, raise awareness, and promote opportunities that create a positive impact for children with neuro developmental disorders.